Friday, 27 September 2013

Life of brother Jeremiah (3)

Written by Br. Francesco Saverio Toppi in 1983, in occasion of the beatification

He joins the Capuchin Order

He arrived in Naples during the Lent of 1578. It was a proper time to create a good impression about the city. The churches were very crowded by the people who came to listen to the word of God.
Finally the Wallachian seemed to have found the country "of good Christians".

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Life of brother Jeremiah (2)

Written by Br. Francesco Saverio Toppi in 1983, in occasion of the beatification

He comes to Italy
Brother Jeremiah was born in "Tzazo", village of peasants and shepherds, on 29th of June 1556. He was the eldest of four brothers and two sisters. When he was, he received the name John. His parents, Margareta Bărbat and Costist Stoica, were wealthy farmers who cultivated a small land property with their children. The family environment was healthy and religious. In the testimony submitted to the canonical process, the brothers who lived together with Jeremiah have witnessed unanimously the edifying memories that he has always kept about his family and his homeland.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Life of Brother Jeremiah (1)

Written by Br. Francesco Saverio Toppi in 1983, in occasion of the beatification


Brother Jeremiah was born in "Walachia Minor", a region corresponding to the actual Moldavia, in Romania. (accessing the following link you will find a map in order to make an idea about the region:

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Prayer in order to obtain the canonization of Blessed Jeremiah of Wallachia

Photos: Inside and outside the Sanctuary dedicated to Blessed Jeremiah of Walachia, Onesti, Romania.

Almighty and eternal God, Lord of the entire universe, beginning of the grace and of the holiness, spread your blessing on our people and rise among the saints your servant Blessed Jeremiah of Walachia. May he strengthen us in the real faith, may he fill us of generous love, and may he make us worthy to know and love You, together with Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, and with the Holy Spirit, world without end Amen.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Prayer for the own people

Blessed Jeremiah, through the miracles you have done in life and after death, you brought honor and exaltation to God; we are begging you with humility, turn your look towards us and intercede for us the wishes we are all asking you now... (each one can add his intention of prayer).
Blessed Jeremiah, show, among our people too, your wondrous power that you have received from God: the power of healing the ill, of bringing comfort to the sorrowful and of leading to conversion the sinners.
We assign our poor prayers to your intercession and we are waiting faithfully and obediently God's mercy with us, with our relatives, with our entire people and with those that mostly need it. Amen.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Important data about brother Jeremiah

Birthday: 29th of june, 1556, Tzazo, Romania.
Liturgical Memory: 8th of May.
Memory of the beatification: 30th of October. (This year, 2008, we celebrate 25 years from this event, with special liturgy at the Sanctuary dedicated to him, from Onesti, Romania. More info:
Death: 5th of March 1625, on the way back to the convent, after having cured someone.
Weekly memory: Monday.
Actuality: 31st of May 2008 - return of his relics from Naples to Romania, in the Sanctuary to him dedicated in Oneşti.